Andaran atish’an

Following the loss of my previous blog in its entirety, welcome to the new one! I am a long-time Dragon Age fan, writer, artist and musician with a background in re-enactment and LARP, and this is my virtual scrapbook for my Thedosian-inspired creations.

My current project began with a coat. I have always been one of those people who see something they like and immediately start figuring out how to make it: props, costumes, makeup – pretty much anything to fuel my imagination. So, the moment I saw this particular coat, I knew I wanted one of my own.

Frostback Mountains
Superior Hunter Coat
Hunter Coat 02
Superior Hunter Armor

From the coat, the project began to spiral and I started thinking seriously about doing a full costume for cosplay, rather than just having a coat to wear. Although I’ve always been a fan of dressing up, for virtually any reason, the convention and cosplay scene is something new for me, and in all honesty, I expected that I would find that I “couldn’t” cosplay. I worried that I would be thought too old for a hobby that appears on the surface to be the domain of the teenager or younger adult. I believed that my disability and the resulting impact that has on my weight would invite negative comments and ridicule. The more images I saw of other people’s work, the more I wondered if I even had the skill to produce something half as good. I had, in other words, been entirely certain that I was doomed to failure before I even started.

And then I quiet randomly found myself joining a couple of Facebook groups and found lots of like-minded people who have been incredibly kind and encouraging, and have inspired me to turn my mobility scooter into a steed (giant Nug, perhaps?).  And if nothing else, I will have a whale of a time designing and creating!