Vallaslin – Part One

While looking through my screenshot folders for this post, I was amused to note that I had given both Lavellan and Mahariel the simple version of June’s vallaslin.  Fortunately, I didn’t go with one of the more complex designs, otherwise I would have probably spent a week trying to replicate it, followed by a further week of indecision while I decided what to replace it with!

So, my first attempt at Lavellan’s vallaslin was a bit hit and miss.  I have learned that: 1. being both an artist and a person who wears make-up have zip to do with being able to draw straight lines on one’s own face; 2. I need a lighter shade of brown, and; 3. I need a thinner angled brush.

Considering that it’s nothing more than liquid eyeshadow and setting powder, I was reasonably pleased with how well it stayed… until I forgot I was wearing it and touched my face!  Considering that my final plan is to have a leather bodice and coat over a cotton shirt, and that I will have to wear a compression top underneath to support my shoulders, I expect that it will probably sweat off within the first hour or so, or else will smudge into a strange, streaky tan.

I’ve been doing some research on Kryolan and Mehron, but I still have a few things I want to test out before I start buying new make-up.

Vallaslin 01
Vallaslin #1