Vallaslin – Part Two

Another day, another make-up attempt!  Today’s effort was a mix of cream-to-powder eyeshadow with some pale brown and white water-based facepaint I had on hand.  It went on easily enough and dried quickly but the eyeshadow looked far more sparkly than it ever has when used as intended and, again, smudged without much effort.

I’ve been trying to find out if there are any stockists of decent theatre/SFX make-up in the local area, as I really begrudge spending a fortune on make-up over the internet, where I can’t really make out how the colours will look in person, but unless I can track down a shade I like in liquid or gel eyeliner with real staying power, I might not have much choice!  I spent almost two hours looking at temporary tattoo pens, which would be great if I wanted quite a bright primary colour or black, but I really like the almost-translucent colour of my Lavellan’s vallaslin, so I’m determined to find something as close as I possibly can.  At the moment, although I have a ticket for MCM Birmingham on November 22nd, I’m not sure whether I’m going to be approved for my carer’s pass, and I’m not convinced I’ll have any costume worth wearing by then anyway, so I probably won’t be cosplaying at any events until spring of 2016, which gives me a fair amount of time to figure something out.

vallaslin 02