Potions, Poisons, Tonics and Grenades – Part One

It’s the details that really bring a piece of fiction into the real world.  I had some ideas for how I wanted my potions to look and how I was going to pull it off, but my husband provided the inspiration for these first ones.  It’s taken a bit of fiddling to work out the ideal ratios for each one to get the best effect.

As I only had green ink on hand, I started off with the Tears of the Dead poison.

Tears of the Dead

I was surprisingly pleased with how the first attempt worked out, but I quickly found that while it looked great in natural light, the movement of the water wasn’t as pronounced as I wanted it.  My attempts to increase the green ink made it too dark to see much of anything, so I tried to compensate with silver ink which didn’t help at all and simply made it look like glittery nail polish.  After a few adjustments, I decided I was on to a winner.


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Cold Resistance Tonic

Having raided the local 24-hour Tesco for food colouring, I had a go at the Cold Resistance tonic.


I remixed the Tears of the Dead poison to match the same quantities, but in retrospect I preferred the slightly darker green of the earlier version.  I absolutely love the effect it has when lit up, so I have some submersible LEDs on the way for testing out.  I’m in two minds about fitting them into the corks, as the corks are so little and I don’t want to damage them.  I was pointed towards some pre-made LED corks, but I’m not convinced that they’ll fit my bottles properly.  I plan on painting some “frosting” on the Cold Resistance tonic, so if the corks don’t work out, the paint should hide the LED if I drop it in and let it sink to the bottom.

The Antivan Fire grenade is next on my list to try out and I’ve got a few thoughts for making the grenades themselves so that I can make the potions and grenades look a bit different.