I Hate Bias Tape

I figured buying bias tape would ultimately save me some time, but now I really wish I had just bought some fabric asks made my own!  It looks as though the tape I bought to make my Skyhold shirt is not only out of stock, but entirely discontinued. I’ve searched high and low online with no luck, and have now been to three different HobbyCraft stores in entirely different areas of the country in the vain hope that they might have a single, solitary roll left in stock. That’s all I need – about three metres!

While on today’s trip to HobbyCraft, the staff member I spoke to suggested that I have a look upstairs in the clearance section, on the chance that any left overs might have gone up there.  While I want able to find the one I wanted, I did come across a mending tape in a very similar shade, marked down to £1, so I grabbed the last four packs to test out. For £1 each, I didn’t really mind too much if I found it didn’t work for the shirt, but I could guarantee that if it did work asks I liked it, I would never be able to buy another metre of it again!

Unfortunately, the flipping adhesive made it a nightmare to sew, so I’m going to have to come up with another idea and use the mending tape for a different project.  I think my best chance now is to make a trip over to the fabric warehouse and see if I can find something that’s a reasonably close match for the bias tape that I can cut down myself.  And, of course, it’s a good excuse to go over to the warehouse and see what they have in!