Lost in a Sea of Fabric!

I spent the day in Cambridge with my brother yesterday, so I went across to the fabric warehouse almost as soon as it opened this morning. I managed to track down something suitable for bias tape, even if it’s not a perfect match for what I’ve been using, and also came away with some lovely, soft beige material, six metres of gold fabric that I think will do for a King’s Willow Weave scarf and, my best buy of the day, a whole roll of red faux-suede for a pound! My plan is to use some of it for a coat and to make a banner to hang from my wheelchair for MCM Birmingham. It’s a shame I didn’t think of coats until I sat down with all the fabric this evening, as there were a couple of tools of faux-suede in brown, but I passed them over. I’ll have to nip back either tomorrow or Thursday and see if they still have them. If nothing else, it will be a decent (and cheap!) fabric to run some test patterns up before hacking into my lovely leather!