Potions, Poisons, Tonics and Grenades – Part Three

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to handle the Jar of Bees.  It’s one of my favourite grenades and I really wanted to do it justice.  As well as being a nifty little weapon when required, it has a beautiful image to go with it.

My first couple of bees were made from pipe cleaners.  My first idea was to cut down short lengths and create stripes with a marker pen, then to glue on tissue paper wings, but I really wasn’t very happy with them.  My second attempt, made from a pair of pipe cleaners, was significantly larger, but it still didn’t look the way I wanted it to.

First attempt on the left, second attempt on the right

I picked up a couple of colours of Fimo on my last trip to HobbyCraft with the intention of using it to make latex moulds, and after a couple of false starts, I had my first (wingless) bee!

The wings themselves were something of a nightmare.  I found that the translucent Fimo became ridiculously sticky after very little conditioning, and as the Fimo softens further in the first stages of baking, I thought I’d probably end up with a huge blob adorning the backs of my bees.  I briefly tried using wire to stablilise them with no success, so I ultimately ended up rolling out thin sheets of Fimo, baking it for 25 minutes and then cutting out the wings with a craft knife.  After adhering the wings with a small blob of Fimo, they went back in the oven on the pre-hardened bees for a further five minutes.

And they look fab in their jar!

All I need to do now is to make up a label for it (thoroughly defaced by Sera, of course!) and my bees are good to go.