Warden Mahariel

With two outfits under construction and two in development, Inquisitor Lavellan is definitely going to be a long-term project!  I had originally planned to have two characters ready for a weekend event this summer, so now that 2016 has begun it’s time to start planning and prep for getting the next one underway!

I had another idea in mind to begin before the Warden, but as her armor is not quite as complex, I thought I would actually have a better chance of getting her to a point that she can be seen in public within a reasonable time frame.


I’m still undecided on which armor set to make, though.  Usually, I tend to prefer the Shadow of the Empire drakeskin armor but on my latest play through, I decided to update Mahariel’s wardrobe a little with The Phoenix Armory and I’m currently completely in love with this set.

Screenshot20160122222147166 (2)
Shadow of the Empire drakeskin armor
Screenshot20160124023249436 (2)
Pheonix-Scout Armor


Not to mention the tried-and-true traditional Warden armors, for a slightly more formal look.  I’m only going to have time to make one, so I shall have to decide quickly!