Make-up test: scars

After a Blight, battling the Archdemon and a decade of Grey Wardening, I thought that my Hero of Ferelden would probably have some interesting scars and some dramatic stories about where they came from.

It’s been a lot of years since I last did SFX stage make-up and back then, I would have spent hours painstakingly painting scars to make them look something vaguely like 3D.  While trying to work out a way that I could make scars work without having to get up at the crack of dawn to paint them, I came across Mehron’s rigid collodion and it’s become my favourite tool in my make-up box!


Mahariel's scar 01

Mahariel's scar 02

This scar will, eventually, bisect Mahariel’s vallaslin and end at my hairline.  I’m planning to make a start on vallaslin tests over the weekend (if I get time around finishing my first piece of scale maille!).