Superior Hunter Armor – Part One

ScreenshotWin32_2373_Final (2)

I spent hours looking at screenshots and trying to figure out what the leather armour underneath the Hunter coat actually looked like, so when Bioware added new casual outfits to Skyhold, I was ridiculously pleased that this was one of them!  I spent about a week taking screenshots and making sketches before settling on a pattern and it took me about three weeks to get it wearable for MCM Birmingham, even though it still needs a fair amount of work (and lots of buttons!) before it’s finished.  I tend to hand-sew as much as possible, partly because my sewing machine is ancient and prefers eating fabric to stitching it, but mostly because I find sewing by hand relaxing, so making anything takes me ten times longer than it actually needs to!

If I ever remake this, I don’t think I’ll go about construction in quite the same way again.  I knew that I was going to need to put a layer of wadding in it to give it some weight but I didn’t have any to hand and I didn’t want to keep putting it off until I could get a new roll delivered, so I started with the outer layer.

I think I spent twice as long doing the “decorative” stitching along the outside of the seams than I did putting it together.  Over-sized, messy stitches were surprisingly difficult – I tried to channel my inner Sera and imagine what her attempts at repairing her equipment might look like, but she must have been working really hard in tongue-sticking-out concentration to impress the fashion-conscious Madame de Fer!


I managed to get the wadding and the lining fitted, and with a week to go I started panic-sewing the straps.  Although only six are visible on the front, I assume that a seventh is covered by Lavellan’s belt, and there are two on the lower back.  Fortunately, I was planning to wear it under my coat and wrap, so I figured I could get away with four in the interim, which I managed just in time for the con.


I’m slowly but steadily working on the rest, so I’ve got three straps, some more decorative stitching and a shed-load of buttons to sculpt, but it’s coming together – hopefully I might have it done by the time our next convention rolls around!

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t think to take my coat off and get a picture of it at Birmingham, but I did get a post-con selfie!



Firewalker Prowler Coat

Shrine of Mythal

Firewalker Prowler Coat - Front

This coat was my second love on my first play through and my Inquisitor wore it for the final battle (plus it looks phenomenal while galloping on nug-back across the Hinterlands!).  I was so pleased when I had killed enough dragons to be able to craft it.  It’s not the best piece of armour in my Inquisitor’s wardrobe any more, what with the DLC and updates that have come along since then, but it’s still one of my favourites.

Firewalker Prowler Coat

A few months back, my mom and I found some gorgeous leather that we thought would make a nice real-world analogue for dragon scales and it’s been waiting for an opportunity to start putting it together.




It needs straps adding and about a million buttons but I’m really pleased with how it’s looking, and compared with my Superior Hunter Armor, it’s really light-weight which will be a plus for summer conventions!

Ardent Blossom

floral paper or parchment
I decided to take a night off from stabbing myself with needles and to burn myself with the glue gun instead!

I had a nightmare of a job trying to find white flowers with anything like the shape I was going for, even knowing that I was going to have to cut down the petals to some degree, so when I have a little more time, I’m planning to make this again and to do the flowers from scratch myself but on short notice and with what I had to hand, it will do.

Presenting the best magical head-protecting hair accessory in all of Thedas!

Inquisitor’s Codex

This particular project began back in December 2014.  I’d been pulling together Inquisition codex entries for a prop notebook but hadn’t managed to find a single book that I liked.  I considered using the notebook that came with my Inquisitor’s Edition chest but the idea of writing in it almost seemed blasphemous!  So I decided to make and bind my own book.

In the end, it turned into a family holiday project.  I spent a couple of days binding pages, my uber-talented mother cut, dyed and fitted the covers and spine, and my little brother tooled the Inquisition heraldry on the front.

To date I’m still meticulously working out entries to pages and figuring out what to cut and what to put on separate sheets that can tuck in to it, as I imagine many of the random notes collected out and about in the world would be.

I had kept a screenshot of the Sing-Quisition pamphlet, that can be found on the upper floor above the Quartermaster Morris’s requisition table, for my ongoing music project (more about that later) and when turned it up in a recent clear out of my folders, I decided it would be just the sort of thing Lavellan would squirrel away.


So, it’s ten days to Birmingham MCM and I’m starting to go into meltdown!  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to finish all the pieces I’m working on for Lavellen, so I’m just going to have to decide which bits I absolutely need to finish and which are just fun additions that I could actually do without.  I’ve got loads of progress pictures to share so I expect there will be quite a few posts coming just as soon as I find half an hour without a pair of scissors or a needle in my hands!