Inquisitor’s Codex

This particular project began back in December 2014.  I’d been pulling together Inquisition codex entries for a prop notebook but hadn’t managed to find a single book that I liked.  I considered using the notebook that came with my Inquisitor’s Edition chest but the idea of writing in it almost seemed blasphemous!  So I decided to make and bind my own book.

In the end, it turned into a family holiday project.  I spent a couple of days binding pages, my uber-talented mother cut, dyed and fitted the covers and spine, and my little brother tooled the Inquisition heraldry on the front.

To date I’m still meticulously working out entries to pages and figuring out what to cut and what to put on separate sheets that can tuck in to it, as I imagine many of the random notes collected out and about in the world would be.

I had kept a screenshot of the Sing-Quisition pamphlet, that can be found on the upper floor above the Quartermaster Morris’s requisition table, for my ongoing music project (more about that later) and when turned it up in a recent clear out of my folders, I decided it would be just the sort of thing Lavellan would squirrel away.