Firewalker Prowler Coat

Shrine of Mythal

Firewalker Prowler Coat - Front

This coat was my second love on my first play through and my Inquisitor wore it for the final battle (plus it looks phenomenal while galloping on nug-back across the Hinterlands!).  I was so pleased when I had killed enough dragons to be able to craft it.  It’s not the best piece of armour in my Inquisitor’s wardrobe any more, what with the DLC and updates that have come along since then, but it’s still one of my favourites.

Firewalker Prowler Coat

A few months back, my mom and I found some gorgeous leather that we thought would make a nice real-world analogue for dragon scales and it’s been waiting for an opportunity to start putting it together.




It needs straps adding and about a million buttons but I’m really pleased with how it’s looking, and compared with my Superior Hunter Armor, it’s really light-weight which will be a plus for summer conventions!