Warden’s Codex

Having made the note book for Inquisitor Lavellan’s codex, I knew that I wanted to make a similar prop for Mahariel.

Stitching the folios together is always the worst bit of it!  I settled on 200 pages (50 A4 sheets), simply because it was what I had to hand at the time.  In retrospect, another hundred would have probably been better but I will just have to put the majority of the notes and letters in as separate pages, as if they actually were picked up and tucked away.

And once all my folios were ready, they were glued to a strip of the leather I had chosen for the spine.  In the absence of a vice, laundry pegs also do an admirable job for this stage!


The covers are cut from a heavier leather and hand-punched for decorative stitches.  My original plan for Mahariel’s codex was to tool the Grey Wardens’ griffon on the front but the longer I thought about it, the more appropriate it seemed to use the Sabrae clan’s halla insignia instead.  It seemed like it would be the sort of thing she would have brought with her when leaving the clan, a Dalish hunter’s field journal turned into a collection of notes on the blight and other potentially useful odds and ends of information collated on the road.


codex cover

Once I was happy with the design, I moved on to the messiest bit – staining!

Front cover stained and the spine cut to size
The spine is glued into place

I left the spine and covers overnight to give the glue plenty of time to dry, then got out my trusty laundry pegs again to help hold everything together while the folios were fitted to the covers.

And, as they say in Orlais, voila!  One codex book.



IMAG1528 - edit

I still want to do some more weathering – after all, it was dragged around Ferelden in the midst of a blight – and then decide which entries are going in, which will be cut and how best to order them.