Hunter Coat Arms – Part One

Coat front

I knew when I started that I wanted to use the upgraded arms as my reference, but it was surprisingly difficult finding an image of the first layer of the gloves, with all of the detail visible.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time going through my (many, many) screenshot folders trying to hunt down a few good reference images and managed to make a few usable by lightening them to a ridiculous degree to make the stitching stand out.  The inner seam is fastened with six studs per arm, so I figured I’d make the gloves separately from the arm, make the shape of the arm from craft foam, cover the whole thing with faux-suede and sew the glove and sleeve together.

IMAG1310 IMAG1311IMAG1314


Ta-da!  One pair of gloves and a pair of foam sleeves.  I was puzzling out whether to do the detailing as an extra layer of foam before covering it with fabric, or whether it would be better to sew the detail onto the fabric before finding a way of sticking it on (or better yet, making a slip cover for the foam) when I managed to get my hands on some decent leather (thanks, Mom!) and decided to take a completely different approach….


Fabric test pattern
Leather pieces cut to size


My mother machine stitched the detailing, purely to save a bit of time, and then I spent most of Wellingborough Museum’s Victorian Day carefully hand-sewing the pieces together with linen thread.  I still have the left hand fingers to finish, then I can trim the inner edge down a bit, stain the leather and start fitting the studs along the seams.  Then I’ll decide whether to go for the straps and buttons of the un-upgraded version, or if I want to start figuring out how to do the cuff and cover to go over the top.