Silencer – Part One

floral paper or parchment

Glitchy blades are glitchy

Since The Descent DLC was released, Silencer has quickly become one of my favourite weapons for my duel-wielding rogue, but sadly the mesh is bugged.  I did come across a mod over at Nexus to fix it once I decided that I would be making Silencer with a matched dagger in the style of the Stone Stalker Blade schematic… and then found that I can’t take screenshots anymore, which made doing research for this one somewhat interesting.

As it’s my first foam weapon build, in retrospect a simpler design would have made my life significantly easier but, hell, I always like a challenge.  I used as many screenshots as I could gather to put a couple of sketches together, then drew out the template onto a thick piece of card.



Once it was cut out and sellotaped together, I decided that I wanted to add the details of the grip last, so I trimmed them off, traced around the shape onto EVA play mats and hot glued the whole thing together.


I must have watched a dozen or more tutorial videos for foam weapons, most of which used either a hot blade or Dremel multi-tool to shape the edges.  With neither a hot blade nor a multi-tool, I made do with what I had on hand (some rather elderly Stanley knife blades) and hacked the edges into submission.  Subsequently, a multi-tool is now at the top of my “to buy” list!

Since it was looking a bit raggedy, I’ve spent this evening sanding it down to make a reasonably smooth edge to layer Worbla over.  I’ve never used the stuff before and (as usual) tutorial vids make it look ridiculously easy, so I expect that I will spend several hours irritated, swearing, burning my fingers and trying to wrestle it into place without making a complete mess of it.



I’m still deciding whether to do the detailing in craft foam first and stretch the Worbla over it, or whether to Worbla first and use off-cuts to create the patterns along the blade.  Either way, I still have the grooves to mark in along the edges with my pyrography tool and any nicks or scratches that I want to add as weathering.  Part two will be prepping and applying the Worbla and part three will be painting (definitely the best part of the process!).  Once I’m happy with it, I get to do it all over again to make Silencer a partner!