Hunter Coat Arms – Part Two


After Wellingborough Museum’s Victorian day, I found myself with most of a pair of gloves and had the stitching finished off  couple of days later.IMAG1552


It took me a ridiculously long time to talk myself into staining the leather.  I loved the natural colour and the contrast with the dark stitches, and I was really worried about finding that I hated the way they looked with a dark stain.  Finally, I decided that if I didn’t get on with it, they’d remain half-finished forever, so I psyched myself up, diluted the dye a little and sponged it on.

It took three coats to reach a shade I was happy with, then I applied two coats of leather conditioner every day for a week to help the dry leather to soften again.  The last job was to fit the studs and braid the loop-closures from embroidery thread, and I finally had a finished pair of gauntlets to go with my Inquisitor’s Hunter Coat.


My next leatherworking project is to make a matching pair of boot covers, then I get to do it all over again in my “dragonscale” leather to make a set for my new coat!

Sarah 001