Potions, Poisons, Tonics and Grenades – Part Four

floral paper or parchment

I have been looking forward to making this grenade since I made the first round of potions and poisons back in October.  Initially, the plan was to build the grenades out of clear Christmas baubles, filled with liquid and sealed with silicone caulk but I had a few logistical issues with them. Then I happened upon the perfect jars for the job.

I managed to misplace my gold mica, so made do with some edible glitter that I bought to experiment with drinkable potions and tonics, and added some glycerine to give the fluid a slightly more viscous consistency, since the flames it produces are described as “sticky.”


My reference image, from the Dragon Age wiki

Because the jars have clear plastic screw tops, I made a quick cover for the lid out of craft foam and spray paint.  I’ve had my Inquisition wax seal stamp for months and have so far only used it on a couple of scrolls from the Inquisitor and advisors, so I decided to cover the top in a layer of wax, stamped the Inquisition insignia into it and carefully fitted the wick with a hot skewer.

Antivan Fire - small signed

The edible glitter isn’t quite as visible as the mica indoors, but my husband got some great photos of the swirling effect outside in the sunshine.  I love the edited version above so much that I’m going to have to redo the wick at some point to add a blue LED to the tip!

And with the new addition to my Inquisitor’s arsenal of potions, I decided it was time to make…


floral paper or parchment


I keep the chest that came with the Inquisitor’s Edition of DA:I on top of a bookcase behind my desk and periodically I looked up at it and wished I had another for storing random cosplay bits in.  So when I got my hands on some thin but sturdy card and a few rolls of textured craft paper, I decided to see if I could make a potion storage box.  I’ve made a few revisions of the design and materials for when I come to build it again, but I am really quite pleased with my mock-up.  I do wish that I had waited for my Worbla to arrive instead of trying to use craft foam to make the gold edging, but I know for next time.

Potion box 02
Inquisitor’s Potion Box with the Inquisitor’s Edition chest.  I even accidentally managed to misalign my lock in the same way!

The box is lined with black foam and I made a cushion to support the bottles from some off-cuts of wadding and faux suede.  It will comfortably fit four of the rounded potion bottles; a grenade (if you don’t mind bending the wick back into shape afterwards) and two potions; or one of each of the three shapes of bottles.  I still plan to make a larger version that can hold more bottles but the little box will pack nicely into my prop bag and will give me somewhere to keep my potions safe while traveling to and from events.

Potion box 01
Antivan Fire grenade, lyrium, jar of bees and health potion


Photography by Darren Allen