My “I Think It’s Right” Chronological List of DA Media

I’ve noticed that one of the most frequent questions, at least in the circles of DA fans that I visit regularly, is either about which order to read the novels in or asking what exactly is out there in terms of Dragon Age media.  I put this list together recently, and since no one has corrected me yet, I think it’s current and correct.  I go hunting for this at least once a day, and since Facebook groups don’t as yet seem to search the comments, I figured it was easiest to drop a copy here, where I can find the damn thing!

So here’s my “I Think it’s Right” chronological list of Dragon Age media.  I consider the tabletop RPG, The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition and The World of Thedas vols. I & II to be standalone, so haven’t included them here.  Same goes for the Prima game guides.

The Stolen Throne*
The Calling*
Dawn of the Seeker (Cassandra’s movie)†
IDW comics‡
Dragon Age: Origins; Leliana’s Song, Warden’s Keep, The Stone Prisoner & Return to Ostagar DLCs. 
Warden’s Fall machinima (Kristoff’s backstory)† – can be found on YouTube
Penny Arcade webcomics‡
Dragon Age: Awakening expansion;  Golems of Amgarak & Witch Hunt DLCs
Dragon Age 2; The Exiled Prince & Legacy DLCs
Redemption (Tallis’s mini-series)†
Mark of the Assassin DLC
The Masked Empire*
The Silent Grove‡
Those Who Speak‡
Until We Sleep‡
The Last Flight*
Dragon Age: Inquisition; Jaws of Hakkon & The Descent DLCs
Dragon Age: Magekiller‡
Trespasser DLC
Dragon Age: Knight Errant ‡

* Novels

† Video

‡ Graphic Novels