Project Undercroft

We’ve had a busy start to the year giving our house an overhaul, which means that I finally have space to move my crafts into our now-empty spare bedroom.  The room used to be my study, before I realised the guest room had been used twice in the previous twelve months and was twice the size of where I was sitting, squeezed in between art supplies, computers and my extensive collection of books.  Since swapping furniture, almost ten years ago,  the spare room became the safest place to put things away from cats and dogs, and gradually turned into our dumping ground for anything that didn’t really have another place it belonged.  Even with the spare bed folded up into a futon, it was difficult for an able-bodied person to actually get through the door, so other than attempts to squeeze something else in there, it stayed closed up and unused.

After spending most of January clearing out old furniture and finding better places for the things we decided to keep, I was finally able to get in and start planning.  I’ve got loads of ideas for my craft room but for now, I’ll leave you with my new door sign!