Mysterious Package – Part Two


I had a rather sleepless night, in part because of the heat but partly because every noise was absolutely, definitely something unpleasant slithering out of the mirror in the bathroom and crawling up the stairs towards the bedroom.
I think most of the documents that arrived yesterday are intended to set the scene and introduce the people involved, but the lines of code written on various documents started driving me round the bend, so I got stuck into deciphering them.
Mysterious package 05
Ciphers everywhere!
Here’s the timeline I’ve written up from all the letters and notes:

Document 2Document 2


I was convinced that the coded messages would give me a better idea of exactly what was going on or instructions for what I should do next, so I spent ages cataloging each symbol (with some margin for error in handwriting discrepancies) and analysing the usage frequency.  Then I got to play many frustrating hours of mystery-letter hangman by making best guesses based on the most frequent usage of words and doubled letters.
It was actually pure luck that finally got me the answers, because I forgot to clear an “a” that I’d assigned earlier to a particular symbol and noticed that, along with the new letter I was testing, it was cropping up in the same places as it did in part of the English written on the same document.   So while I now have most of the alphabet, I still can’t decipher the code on the blueprint.  At the moment, it’s just random letters and one thus-far unused symbol, which could be one of three letters, so I guess it’s part of a larger message that will be revealed in time.
If you want to see what the codes I’ve cracked said, click below:
I think all that’s left now is to wait for the next package to turn up, whenever that may be.

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