floral paper or parchment

I’m sure it won’t come as a shock to anyone that I’m a huge fan of the Dragon Age elves.  Mythology and history are long-harbored passions, so I found the snippets about Dalish culture and lore irresistible.  I loved collecting the codex entries about their history but there was one particular story that I just couldn’t let go of: the fall of Dirthavaren during the Second Exalted March.  It was one of those tales that settles into your brain, takes a look around and decides it’s going to move in on a long lease.  I was so enamored with it that The Silver Knight was the first in-game tale that I set to music and then I promptly went away, crammed my head with as much information as I could find on the Emerald Knights, and wrote Lindiranae’s version of events.

Bringing Lindiranae and Evanura back to life as a cosplay project seemed like a natural next step.  Since Evanura is an available weapon in game, it was easy enough to get reference images but the only imagery of the Emerald Knights (that I’ve managed to find, at least) were the statues in Din’an Hanin.  The same statues are also at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral, which let me get better lit screenshots.  Dozens and dozens of screenshots…

Emerald Knight statue at  Din’an Hanin.

Given that they’re the Emerald Knights, I knew greens were going to be predominant in my colour pallet, but I also wanted to include some of the bronze tones from the Sentinel Elves’ armour.


With that in mind, I’ve tested a few colouring ideas out and I think I’ve finally settled on a design that I’m happy with.  I’m not expecting to have Lindiranae finished until spring 2017, so I’ve got plenty of time to experiment.   Evanura is already well underway and I’m expecting to be priming and painting over the weekend.




Warden Mahariel – Concept Two

The Regalia of Weisshupt – Warden Scout Armor

I had intended to give myself a few days to think over which outfit to settle on, but I think I’ve already decided.  I didn’t realise until I started Googling for reference images just how many cosplayers have already tackled this one, but at least there should be plenty of research out there to help me pull it together.

IMAG0645 (2)

The Rogue’s Utility Belt

I’m off to a family wedding over the weekend, so I booked myself a couple of days off work to recover enough energy to get through a long drive and a busy day, in the hope that I might not be totally zombified by the time I have to go back to the office on Monday.  So I’ve had a nice, quiet day with my sketch pad.

While at Birmingham last weekend, I really wished I’d had more props with me but I had just completely run out of time.  It got me thinking about how to carry, and display, things like my potions and lockpicking tools, so I spent some time studying my trusty screenshots and sketched out my designs.  I think I’m going to have to stock up on leather and Fimo!  Having trawled through eBay, Amazon and a few LARP merchants for belts that might do the job, I think it’s probably going to be easier to get a few lengths of leather and make my own.

It took me a while to come up with a way to carry my potion bottles that I was happy with, as they materialise from thin air in-game (and I assume Thedas is simply littered with discarded bottles!).  Eventually, I settled on a pouch to carry either two or three to be worn on my right hip, and to hang one or two bottles or grenades either underneath the pouch or off the belt (which will depend, I suppose, on whether I will be on crutches or wheeling – I definitely appreciated having my wheels at Birmingham, in which case I might be able to rig a few to the sides of the chair, as long as they’re well secured).

As and when I get around to fixing up my mobility scooter, I’m intending to make a larger version of the pouch as saddle bags, or to make a harness that I can hang a couple from, but I think much of it will be a case of trial and error, and figuring out the best way to keep them from being knocked or damaged in a crowded convention hall.  The last thing I want is either my own or someone else’s costume covered in coloured dye after a collision!