N7 Eagle – Part Two

Well, it’s been two weeks of burned fingers, hot glue everywhere, re-printing pages and little bits of cardboard decorating the carpet, but it’s finally starting to look recognisable!

12 jan 01

The last few pieces are going to be fiddly ones and they’re really quite small, so I fully expect to lose at least one of them before I come to actually assemble the pistol properly!


N7 Eagle – Part One

I recently took a break from high-fantasy games to run through the Mass Effect trilogy, so I was inspired to start a paper crafting project over the holidays.  It started out well and seemed to come together really quickly, so I decided to put off taking a photo until I had something worth taking a picture of!

I started working on the N7 Eagle heavy pistol on 27th December, so I think I’ve put in somewhere around 35 hours work so far.



Four days until I’m back at work, so let’s see how much I get done!