Dragon Age Quiz


Well done to Cecil, who could not be caught out by even my most devious questions and won the Hanged Man poster and set of Inquisition-themed Wicked Grace cards.  Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter and who shared the quiz far and wide.  I had a lot of fun coming up with the questions and reading all the responses.

  1. During the Blessed Age, dragons were believed to be extinct. What was the Dragon Age intended to be named? (1 point)
    The Sun Age.
  1. What kind of cookies does Sera claim to dislike? (1 point)
    Raisin. (I did cave and award half a point to the many, many people who said Pride!)
  1. What was the married name of Loghain’s late wife and what line of work were her family in? (2 points)
    Celia Mac Tir; Cabinet makers.
  1. Which book contains the quote “Do not fear the dark.  The sun and the stars will return to guide you”? (1 point)
    The Tome of Koslun.
  1. Why was Raleigh Samson dismissed from the Templar Order? (1 point)
    Meredith Stanton caught him delivering letters between Maddox and his lover.  
  1. Which weapon is crafted from Sad Splinters and what is the name of the related schematic? (2 points)
    Mark’s Mangled Mace; Sad Weapon.
  1. During the Glory Age, this king became a legend to the marshfolk, depicted as wielding a mighty axe against an Orlesian knight.  (Forename & Surname – 1 point)
    Lord Roux Marchette.
  1. During the fourth Blight, the Grey Warden Garahel loses a piece of his armour while fighting Andoral at the Battle of Ayesleigh, which can later be obtained by Hawke.  What was it and where can it be found? (2 points)
    Garahel’s helm;  Meredith’s cache in the Hidden Supply Depot, at the end of the quest ‘A Noble Agenda.’ 
  1. What was the full title of the novel attributed to Varric but actually written by the dwarven rune-crafter, Worthy? (1 point)
    Hard in Hightown 3: The Re-Punchening.
  1. Felix de Grosboi sells the Warden a golem control rod.  What was the incorrect phrase he also provided to reactivate the golem?  What was the real activation phrase? (2 points)
    “Dulef gar”; “Dulen harn.”
  1. What are the directions provided by Lirene to find Anders? (1 point)
    Look for the lit lantern.  If you have need enough, Anders will be within.
  1. Which former slave was Calpernia close to while in the service of Magister Erasthenes? (1 point)
  1. Maferath had three sons. What were their names and who was their mother? (4 points)
    Isorath, Evrion, Verald; the concubine, Gilivhan was their mother.
  1. Viscount Perrin Threnhold attempted to expel the Templars from Kirkwall and was later tried and imprisoned by Grand Cleric Elthina. According to the Imperial Calendar, in which year did this rebellion take place? (1 point)
    2015 TE.
  1. If the Warden completes the Crime Wave quests in Denerim, Slim Couldry will comment that people have begun talking about the Warden’s crimes, using a particular alias.  What is this name? (1 point)
    The Dark Wolf.
  1. Varric tells multiple stories about his crossbow’s origins.  In conversation with Hawke, to whom does he originally credit Bianca’s creation? (1 point)
  1. This Alamarri chieftain is credited with founding the Avvar.  What was her name once she received her legend-mark and how was this mistranslated? (2 points)
    Tyrdda Bright-Axe.
    She  was a mage who used a fire staff – the word ‘axe’ was mistranslated from the word for ‘weapon.’ 
  1. What is Sebastian given by Professor Cedric Marquette as a birthday gift? (1 point)
    A blue crystal skull.
  1. According to Oghren, what are schleets? (1 point)
    Pants that lie on the ground until you turn around. Then they strike, eat your eyeballs and wander off on their unnatural pant-legs. 
  1. If Vivienne is recruited but does not become Divine Victoria, what title does she eventually gain? (1 point)
    Grand Enchanter.
  1. How do the Dalish refer to the large wolf statues that can be found in the Dales and what do they represent? (2 points)
    The Knight’s Guardians, representing the unbreakable bond between the Emerald Knights and their companion wolves.  
  1. What does the name “Mythallen” mean and what was Mythallen’s original name? (2 points)
    Child of vengeance; Harralan.
  1. In the Gauntlet, the Warden encounters a spirit that appears to be Shartan.  What is the riddle he gives and its correct answer? (2 points)
    “I’d neither a guest nor a trespasser be. In this place I belong, that belongs also to me.”
  1. Tallis was demoted for causing a diplomatic incident while failing to steal a Qunari artifact from Count Alphonse Valmont.  What role was she given (in Qunlat) and what does the title mean? (2 points)
    Athlock;  Labourer.
  1. Under which name was Kirkwall originally founded? (1 point – extra point for the year!)
    Emerius; -620 Ancient (575 TE)



Dragon Age Quiz


Ever wish you could create that Hanged Man atmosphere in your own home?  We’re giving away an A2 poster and a deck of our Inquisition-themed Wicked Grace cards!

*** THE RULES ***

I fully expect that participants are going to utilise the internet, because it’s not like I can stop you, but I will deduct points for long answers that are demonstrably copy-pasted from the Wiki 😉

In light of the above, I expect to get a fair number of correct responses, in which case the tie-breaker will apply.  Our favourite will be narrowed down by a panel of judges.  The judges’ decision is final.

The quiz will open on Friday 1st February until Friday 15th February 2019.  The winner will be announced on Saturday 23rd February.

The winner’s name (or username, if preferred) and some of the best tie-breaker responses will be posted on my social media pages.

Anyone who doesn’t leave me a way to get in touch in the event that they win will be disqualified.

If the winner does not respond with shipping information by Monday 4th of March 2019, the runner up will be selected.

Good luck! 🤞


Wintermarch Update

So, at the beginning of the month I got to spend a lovely weekend being shuttled around hospital wards, where I was treated to a number of blood tests, IV antibiotics and a lot of morphine. As it turns out, some gastro-intestinal issues that have been worsening over the last year, which I had put down to “just one of those Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome things”, were actually symptoms of cholecystitis which (likely thanks to the EDS, which causes delayed healing and fragile scar tissue) has not only caused some serious scarring but had given me infections in my gall bladder and liver, hence my horrendous pain. At the moment, it sounds as though surgery is the intended way forward, assuming all goes well at my next round of scans and blood tests, which has meant that quite a few things I had planned for the spring, cosplay and otherwise, may have to be put on hold while I recover.

I’ve had a few weeks to take it easy and deal with my infections and increased pain levels, but I’ve reached the point of going stir crazy, so I’ve had the drive to get my lovely new craft room sorted out and to start prep for my first costume of 2019.




Looking forward, here’s how I’m hoping the next few months are going to shape up:

Vallaslin Blog Posts

Vallaslin banner (reduced)

Back in December, I promised to write some posts detailing how I create my Dalish vallaslin make-up.  I haven’t forgotten, and two of what I think will be a three-part series are currently underway. I’m not sure whether it would be more useful to publish them all at the same time once I’m finished with the whole process, or whether it would be better to post them individually as soon as they’re done? Let me know on my FB/Insta/Twitter if you have a preference.

Dragon Age Quiz


If anyone missed it, I have an A2 print of our Hanged Man poster and Inquisition-themed Wicked Grace cards to give away but my untimely hospitalisation meant I had to put a pin in my plans. The quiz is written and ready to go as soon as I figure out the best way to get answer sheets back from entrants. I had planned to set it up here as a form, but WordPress have apparently pulled Plug-Ins for basic blogs, so I’ll have to think up an alternative. One way or another, I plan to have it up and open on Friday the 1st of February, so it’s time to start swotting up!

Cosplans 2019

warden inspired gown - shaded

Grey Warden Inspired Gown

I’ve been thinking about a few different versions of this gown since the first Calling convention in summer 2016, and inspiration struck at Tandy Leather’s workshop back in December.  I’m attempting to get this ready for March but I have a back up in mind if I run out of time.  I’ve sourced some lovely fabrics for it, so expect lots of work in progress pictures in the weeks to come!

Upgrades:  Lavellan’s Superior Prowler Coat

Photo by Max Mace
Photography by Max Mace, 2016

I’ve been really looking forward to upgrading this one.  In much the same way as I upgraded Mahariel’s Regalia of Weisshaupt last year, I have a lot of work I want to do to bring Lavellan’s wardrobe up to version 2.0, including some new props and weaponry.

Events 2019

Unfortunately my next round of blood tests and scans has already struck my first con of the year, Middlesbrough Unleashed, off my calendar.  My surgery has been estimated for March/April, so the following events have been marked as “definitely going as long as I’m not in surgery/recovering from surgery.”

I’ve also got a couple of photo shoots planned and several other projects that I’m really looking forward to sharing so, medical stuff aside, 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

Dragon 4ge Day: How DA Changed My Life

The team behind Dragon 4ge Day have been posing the question, “What does Dragon Age mean to you?”    It was a slightly intimidating process, trying to sift through my monumental attachment to this particular fandom and I decided it was probably best addressed here, where I can ramble to my heart’s content.  Perhaps grab a cup of tea and a cookie (or three)…

I have always been the sort of person who becomes hyper-focused on particular interests.  Every few years, my attention will wander and something else will become my primary focus, but I don’t tend to fall out of love with my interests very easily.  Despite my earlier fixations, most of which continue to bubble away in the background, I still wasn’t prepared for the way Dragon Age was going to settle down in the middle of my life and make itself at home.

Living with chronic illness, it’s always been helpful to have a mental escape hatch; a distraction for bad days when the pain and fatigue are relentless and my brain just needs a break from reality.  Fantasy worlds, whether existing fandoms or only from my own imagination, have always been my distraction of choice, inspiring fan art, fiction and music when I have the energy, or providing as a little as half an hour out of my own head with a book, movie or game when I don’t.

It was during a particularly long period of sickness absence from work that I discovered Dragon Age.  After a re-reading of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, I stumbled across reviews of the recently released Game of Thrones RPG and got curious about it.  I was put off by the set player characters, so have never actually played it, but Dragon Age: Origins appeared as a related suggestion, and the demo character creator caught my attention.  The Digital Deluxe edition was marked down to a couple of pounds on Origins, so I decided that even if it only kept me entertained for a couple of hours and I never picked it up again, I wasn’t wasting much money.

Mahariel 01
Nym Mahariel – my first (and most enduring) Grey Warden

By the end of the tutorial, I was hooked by the writing, the characters and the expansive lore, so almost as soon as I got to Ostagar, I bought all the DLC and DA2.  I had this really strong sensation of “this game is going to change your life” but I couldn’t have imagined for a second just how significant those changes would be.

At the time, I was struggling to cope with increasing symptoms of my physical disability and had been recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.  My therapist caught on fairly quickly that something had grabbed my interest and made the most of my enthusiasm.  She encouraged me to create fan fiction and art, and we drew on characters and plot points to help me discuss topics I struggled to talk about.  I still use a lot of the tools we built around Dragon Age in my coping plans.

Hawke - DA2vsDAI
Lyanna Hawke – Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition

When Dragon Age: Inquisition finally came out, I fell for a coat and wanted one of my own.  I had created costumes before, mostly for living history, and I couldn’t believe how long it had taken me to consider mixing my interest in costuming and heritage crafts with my love of Thedas.  Cosplay was something I’d come across and been interested in, but I felt that I was too old, the wrong body shape and that I would be hindered by my need for splints, supports and the wheelchair.  They seemed like pretty stout and genuine barriers at the time, especially the disability angle, but the coat… I wanted that coat!



Adamant Fortress
This coat!

Gradually, a whole cosplay project developed and I found a lot of support – and made a lot of amazing friends – in the Dragon Age cosplay community.  I took my still-unfinished costume to MCM Birmingham in November 2015 and although I missed the BioWare meet, I was firmly bitten by the bug.  The following spring, I got to meet some of my online friends in person for the first time.

Photo by D. Allen , 2016  (l-r: HanKhar Cosplay, Netherstorm Cosplay, self, Soupy Owl Cosplay and Zomby Boi Cosplay)

In autumn 2015, I heard about a group of fans trying to organise an unofficial Dragon Age convention, that was taking place surprisingly close to home, and I was immediately on board.  The following summer, despite being a little bit apprehensive about what we’d signed up for, we attended The Calling’s debut event and had an amazing weekend.

Sarah's edit 02
Photo by D. Allen, 2016

Only a few weeks later, we traveled to Warwick Castle for a video shoot with The Eighty-Sixth Floor Music, organised by the fabulous @opal.ink.cosplay and @mrjaycosplay (Instagram).


After my increasing symptoms cost me my job last year, the games, the fandom and the friends I’d made because of it were incredibly important places I could turn to when I needed a brief escape or support.  Having fandom events to look forward to, even if it was only one day every three or four months, kept me motivated in my creative projects.  In June 2017, we went back to The Calling and I won my first cosplay competition with my design for Lindiranae of the Emerald Knights.

The Calling 2017 - reduced
Photo by D. Allen, 2017  Lindiranae of the Emerald Knights and my brother as Empress Celene Valmont I

Since then, I’ve kept busy with cosplay projects, fan art, music and fiction, and Thedas has been an almost ceaseless source of inspiration.  Earlier this year, we converted our rarely occupied spare bedroom into my Undercroft, which gave me the opportunity to organise my growing collection and begin a larger piece of artwork that I’ve been wanting to start for years.



For 2018, instead of the convention, The Calling crew pulled together a three-day LARP event (the write up for which is slowly coming together!).  It was a fantastic experience, thanks to the efforts of the team and monsters and the atmosphere created by the other players.

Seven years ago, if someone had told me that a video game would not only change my life but lead to such huge changes in the way I think about myself, I probably would have laughed myself into a dislocation or two.  The idea that I’d ever expect to get more from my interests than solitary consumption was equally ridiculous, but it’s the social side of the Dragon Age fandom that has made the most surprising changes possible.

Every time I go to an event, I get to meet more fans and build more friendships because of Dragon Age.  I’ve been able to support my fellow fan artists, buy some of the beautiful work they produce, and share my obsession.  I know that some pockets of the online DA community have a reputation for toxicity, but I can say with my hand on my heart that I’ve never experienced anything but love, support and, when I’ve needed a kick in the pants, the occasional benign bullying of people who genuinely care about me despite never having met me in person.

Thank you, Dragon Age Community, for being so damn awesome.

Dragon 4ge Day: The Call

The Call

This song began as a poem for The Calling 2017.  One of the things I’ve loved about each Dragon Age game is the sense of family that grows between the player and the companion characters, even with those who don’t always get along.  After we went to The Calling fan convention in 2016, I was struck by how that same feeling of attending a family reunion had set in over the course of the long weekend, and how strong it was as the year rolled around to the second event.

 Initially, I wanted to include a few lines for each character that had attended the previous year, but there were so many (and several duplicates) that it was in danger of becoming a long and rambling epic.  Instead, it got trimmed down to companions who worked with, or assisted, the Inquisition in some way.  Several more characters got removed when I set it to music, but over all the song seemed stronger for it.  

I’ve been fortunate to find that large parts of the online Dragon Age community has become a vast extension of my Dragon Age family and “The Call” has been playing on my mind as Dragon 4ge Day brings us together to celebrate the franchise and the fandom.

Will you answer the call?


O’er the snow-covered peaks of the Frostbacks, a cloud of dark birds fills the sky
The messengers set out on horseback; another year has crept by
Their missives of utmost importance, to be delivered wherever they roam
Our advisors are all in accordance; It’s time to bring our companions home

Sending word on black wings from east to west
To high seas and to Orzammar’s halls
Diplomat, Spymaster, Commander
Beg aid from bow, magic and sword

And we answer the call

In Minrathous, the Magister’s packing, the letter arrived just this morn’,
It will take him some time to get there but he will be on the road before dawn
The Believer restoring her order is surprised by the passage of time
She shoulders her pack, leaves instructions, for she has a mountain to climb

Sending word on black wings from north to south
To Weisshaupt, Val Royeaux and the Dales
Comrades in arms have been summoned
And by foot or by horse or by sail

We will answer the call

The Viscount stays late in his chambers, delegating the business of state
He’ll trade crown for crossbow again, for a while – this quest’s too important to wait
The Admiral knew it was coming when the raven descends on the breeze
She orders a course for the harbour, her ship dashing over the seas

Sending word on black wings across Thedas
To Hossberg, Kirkwall and Ayesleigh
We all make our way to the fortress
And there’s not a moment to waste

To answer the call

In the Herald’s Rest they will gather, heroes and champions all
By the fire, reminisce and tell tales, and be glad that they answered the call
Once a year we’ll create a tradition to gather for story and song
Raising a glass for all of the friends that we miss, in this place where we all belong

Will you answer the call?

–  2nd June 2017

Mystery Package – Final Letter


My final mailing arrived about a week ago, but I was saving it until I finished all the jigsaws and deciphering that came in the crate.  There were a few things in the envelope that brought the story of the house right up to the current day.

By 2002, the house still has a reputation for being haunted.  Two aptly named urban explorers, Eurydice and Djinn, break into the property by scaling the garden wall and enter the house through the conservatory.  Although there are a few broken windows and tags on the outside of the conservatory,  it looks as though no one has dared damage the interior.

After finding a gnome door, hidden by vines in the conservatory – the same door that the Gruesome Phantom was using to watch Hélène Ashworth – they discovered a trap door into the basement, revealing a long, narrow hallway, covered in dried flower petals.  From there, they find a niche containing a “nest” of old blankets and papers, the walls covered in markings carved into the wood, which lead to another ladder up to the ground floor.  The explorers separate, Djinn remaining on the ground floor and Eurydice going up to the next storey.  Although the top of the stairs appeared to be a dead end, a panel in the wall eventually opened into a bedroom, which must be the one in the top left corner of the second floor.  Once the panel closed, it was almost impossible to see from within the room.  Makeup has been painted onto the vanity mirror to create a face and the room smells of lavender.  The sound of a woman weeping draws Eurydice’s attention and when she looks back at the mirror,  in the place of the makeup is a real face with “begging eyes.”

Eurydice flees, crashing through the rooms to find an accessible staircase, and eventually hears Djinn and an unknown voice speaking to one another.  When she finds him, he is standing in front of another mirror, which is intact despite the shards of glass scattered across the floor, taking photographs of what he sees reflected in it.  The mirror clearly shows a shadowy figure lurching along a narrow hallway, however the only thing that should be reflected, other than the explorers themselves, is the marble fireplace (which is noted to be cracked).  The wallpaper in the photograph of the mirror matches the scrap that had Henry’s final journal entry scribbled on the reverse.

With the figure moving faster and faster towards them, Eurydice drags Djinn back towards the conservatory and they find another passage way under the back staircase – possibly the place that Hélène’s body was found.  Eurydice notes that she ran without even looking back once, securing her escape.  There was a tortured howl behind them, suddenly cut off as they left the house.  Although Djinn managed to stay with her as they fled, he was not the same again and talks frequently about the house and its secrets. By the time of the article, he is in care and may end up permanently institutionalised.  She brings him photographs from their previous adventures and sometimes seems like himself, but when he saw a picture from the house that had accidentally been mixed in, he started screaming and Eurydice has not been allowed to return.  She has since given up urban exploration, but still feels drawn to the house, although she feels that if either of them ever returns, they will never be allowed to leave.


The brochure for Griggs Manor advertises the development of the estate into luxury flats.  Although the scheduled completion is due in 2020, the website for Regal Residencies says that the project has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, possibly similar problems to those Henry and Laura had with their own workmen while the house was being built.

Normally, I tell my cats off for climbing on my desk and stomping on my keyboard, but on this occasion I gave them as pass, because they inadvertently showed me a hidden reference.  I came back from making a drink to find that one of them had opened my start menu and had also hit F12 on my open browser (or perhaps it was the Grinning Goblin?)

Griggs Manor - Regal Residencies

The last item in the envelope was a letter to explain that the game was by the Mystery Package Company and the link to find out the identity of my mysterious benefactor, but I’m going to keep that to myself for the time being.


At every stage, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the quality of every item I’ve received.  Significant effort has gone into all of the props and, my initial reaction aside, it has been so much fun getting each package through the post and working through all of the contents.  Getting to see the story unfold and handling all of the artifacts added a wonderful multi-sensory experience.  Now I want to pick their artists’ brains on how they have weathered everything so beautifully, including the thick and dusty feel of the paper and the scent of neglect and age that lingers on everything.  Unless there really is a cursed house, all of the props are real and the Mysterious Package company are spreading genuine curses around the world under the guise of games.

I’m a little sad that it’s over, but I suppose I can get back to my costuming projects now that my summer distraction is finished.