Aqua Magus

Aqua Magus is a DA:O – Awakening gift item intended for Oghren.  It’s also one of the recipes I have discovered for my Thedosian Recipe Book and I fully intend on trying all of them (and sharing the resulting disasters or successes with the internet).

I’m not much of a drinker, mostly because of the amount of prescription medication I take, but on the odd occasion that I do go for something alcoholic, I usually stick with dark rum and Coke, so exploring the spirits aisle was something of a novelty.  And then I discovered that Blue Curaçao is not particularly easy to find.  It took three trips to different shops before I tracked down a bottle (thank you, Asda!).

Here’s what’s in it:

Bioware gives the recipe as 1 oz vodka; 1-2 oz Blue Curaçao and pineapple juice.  What actually went into my glass was 1/2 shot of vodka (my shot glasses hold around 1.5 fluid oz, so approx. 20ml) and a full shot of Curaçao.  Initially, I added about 1/2 shot of pineapple juice, too, but I think an extra 1/4 shot tasted better.

It makes this beautiful lyrium blue, which I’m incredibly tempted to try adding some of the food-safe glitter to and see if I can get a similar effect to my rheoscopic fluid potions.  And considering that I was a bit apprehensive about it, I think I might have actually found my new favourite drink!