Lindiranae’s Fall

“The Silver Knight” was, I think, the first Dragon Age song I set to music for my “hey, I’m gonna set these songs to music!” project, chronicling the Orlesian victory over the Dalish Emerald Knights.

Since then, I’ve grown quite a little collection of songs (I’m going for the entire Patron of the Arts collection and then some), most of which still need a bit of work before I share them. But the story of the last battle of the Second Exalted March stuck with me and Evanura, the sword forged by the god June and wielded by the final Dalish warrior to fall, became my favourite weapon. My Dalish Inquisitor carted it around long after it ceased to be the “best” weapon in my arsenal, just because I didn’t want to part with it (so pretty!).

There are a few small references to the battle and to Evanura scattered throughout Inquisition, many of them written from the perspective of Chantry scholars, and after digging through everything I could find, I decided that if I wanted the Dalish side of the story, I would have to tell it myself. So here it is.

The title “Lindiranae’s Fall” came from the memorial in the Exalted Plains, the codex entry for which is, naturally, thick with Chantry bias:

Remember the victory of the Dales.
The elves were murderous and wild, for the Maker’s grace did not touch them. The wildest of them was the she-elf Lindiranae, wielder of the great blade Evanura. Defiant to the last, she met Ser Brandis, the Silver Helm, in single combat, and he bested her. With Lindiranae fell the Dales.

We are the Dalish: keepers of the lost lore, walkers of the lonely path. We are the last elvhen. Never again shall we submit.

Lyrics and music belong to me, based on Bioware property.


Halamshiral had fallen when we gathered at Dirthavaren
We faced our foe on the plains of gold
To fight back the realm of men
Ar tu na’lin emma mi. Halam sahlin.
We are the last of Dalish might and we shall not give in.

Halamshiral had fallen but we refused to yield
Emerald Knights raise your banners high
And storm the golden field
Ar tu na’lin emma mi. Halam sahlin.
We are the last of Dalish might and we shall not give in.

With battle cry we struck with swords and arrows loosed in flight
The final stand of the Elvhen
The war would end this night
Ar tu na’lin emma mi. Halam sahlin.
We are the last of Dalish might and we shall not give in.

The Silver Helm, the Chantry shem, bade we accept defeat
But for the sake of elvenkind,
We would not retreat
Nadas din’an; Var melana sahlin.
If we fall the Dales are lost, so we must not give in

As the Chantry lines advanced, they cut my brothers down
Until the golden plains were red
With blood upon the ground

We shall not submit to your god or your will
You might take our lands and our blood you may spill
We shall not submit to your Maker on high
For the sake of our people we’ll fight and we’ll die

With Evanura in my hand, I went to meet my foe
The final elf upon the field, I faced him all alone
Emma shem’nan, halam sahlin. Ar tu na’din.
I am the last of Dalish might and I shall not give in.

The Silver Knight, he did not strike, he dropped his shield low
It was not he who vanquished me, but a distant bow
The arrow struck its target true, the Emerald Knights did fall
And as he caught me in his arms, I heard their victory call

Ma ghilana mir din’an; Ensal enaste, Falon’din
We were the last of Dalish might
Mythal protect our kin.